Agent Stone

ex Technocrat


Name: William Stone
Player: Daniel Clark
Chronicle: Island City
Nature: Architect
Demeanor: Caregiver
Tradition: Orphan (ex Void Engineer)
Eidolon Essence: Dynamic
Concept: Aspiring Archmage

Str 2 Dex 3 Sta 4 (Tough as Nails)
Cha 2 Man 4 App 3
Per 4 Int 5 (Creative) Wits 3

Alertness 2, Awareness 4, Brawl 1, Dodge 1, Subterfuge 1
Crafts 1, Firearms 3, First Aid 1, Hypertech 4 (Nanotech), Meditation 2, Melee 4, Microgravity Operations 1, Pilot 3, Stealth 2, Technology 3,
Academics 1, Computer 3, Cosmology 5, Enigmas 1, Investigation 2, Law 1, Linguistics 3, Lore (Kindred) 1, Lore (Awakened) 1, Lore (Technocracy) 2, Lore (Void Engineer) 1, Medicine 4, Occult 3, Psionics/Parapsychology 2, RD Data 3, Science 3, ,Technocratic Procedure 1, Temporal Mechanics 1, Xenobiology 1, City Secrets (island city) 1, Fey Lore 2, Traditions Lore 1

Contacts 3, Cloaking(Arcane) 2, Destiny 1, Device 3, Genius (Avatar) 4, Influence 2, Library 1, Patron 1, Requisitions (very good standing, diff 6) 5, Resources 3, Sanctum 3, Military Force 1

Arete (Countermagic) 8

Resonance: Creative (Dynamic)-1 Structured (Static)-1

Spheres: Correspondence 3, Forces 3, Mind 3, Life 3, Prime 3, Spirit 5, Matter 3, Entropy 1, Time 1

Primary Foci: Forces: Psionic, Incantations in Latin Mind: Psionic, Mental Exercises Life: Medical Procedures (both holistic and modern) Correspondence: Location based technologies, Psionic Dimensional Science: electromagnetic waves, Prime: electricity,crystals Entropy: Statistics, divination Time- Chronograph, Spirit: hermetic ritual, Matter: material sciences, sigils

Foci are abandoned for Forces, Mind, Life, Prime, Correspondence, Spirit, Matter

Rotes Known- Gutter View(correspondence), Percieve Forces, Mind Empowerment, Empathic Projection, Social Conditioning, Kinetic Push, Telekinesis, Kinetic Barrier, View Subdimension, Quantum Interface Shield, Breach Gauntlet, See Spirit, Prayer of Healing Revealation, Tough Skin, Better Body, Heal other, Heal Self, Non Descript, Adjust Minor Mental Abnormalities, Detect Mental Abnormalities, Divert Primal Force, Tap Node, Analyze Substance, Targeting Computation, Detect Temporal Abnormalities, Shape Epherema, Remote Viewing, Straw to Gold, Create Object, Teleport

Merits- Concentration, Jack of All Trades, Unaging, Master of Red Tape, Licence to: Operate Military Vehicles, Practice Medicine, Carry Concealed Weapon (North America), Inner Knight

Inner Knight (5 point merit)
For a scene you can draw on 5 extra willpower points or manifest skills you were never taught as if you had Dream 5 but without entering a trance. The reason? You have dreams of a past life, a heroic crusader whose wisdom you can call upon for help and guidance, you draw power from you dreams.
NOTE: This merit reduces Permanent Banality by 2, making you more susceptible to Fae magic when you call upon you Dream Self for help.

Flaws- Primal Marks (strange look/glow to eyes)

Willpower 10
Quintessence 8 Paradox 0

Device: Styx Armor- + 4 dice soak, can use stamina to soak lethal and aggravated damage.

Gear- Glock 17c (diff 6, damage 4, range 22, rate 4, clip 17+1, conceal pocket)
Steyr Aug, Scope and Laser Sight (diff 7, damage 7, range 200, rate 3/ full auto, clip 30, conceal trenchcoat) Ionic Cloth 2.0 business suits x2
Hat – 2 dice counter magic vs Mind
Shades – Level 1 scan rotes for all spheres Coat – 2 dice counter magic vs Forces (may be reversed with pants) Pants – 2 dice counter magic vs Life (may be reversed with coat) Shoes – 2 dice counter magic vs Correspondence

None of the items are made of Ionic cloth as a standard item However they may be made of Ionic cloth 1.0 or 2.0 For most technocrats this means self repairing, then 1 die of armor For VE’s it can means 1 die of armor then 2 dice of armor, but typically only for agents in very good standing who have requisitions.

Armor for the hat does not stack with the coat and pants, It provides armor vs “head shots” but not face shots or neck shots.
The coat and the pants do stack
The shoes are for feet only.

Lightsaber (Violet Crystal) diff 6, damage 6 agg = 1 per additional success on hit, conceal jacket.

Jadis’s Stone Knife. diff 4, damage str+3 agg, ignores 2 dice of soak from armor
PDA, Cellphone with Bluetooth, 69 Prime Charged 9mm rounds, 25km Communicator Radio, Military ID (CPT), Psionic Foci (multifaced crystal rod, Moebius strip), Protocol Manual, Rowan Ring, Paladin Sedan, Paramedic Bag, Laptop Computer with Trinary Upgrades and Cellular Internet, $481,395 in various bank accounts. $5000 in island city currency.

Military Rank, Captain, US Airforce.

Security Access – 9 (if somehow in technocracy again)
Free XP: 8


Agent Stone

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