Island City

Santa Claus Vs. The Frost Giants
Santa Claus is missing

The PCs were sent to rescue Santa from the Frost/ Ice Giants of Niflheim. They did. Everybody’s happy. The player characters got a rather major stat upgrade at adventure’s end.

Hockey Mask

The PCs were assigned to go into the Dreaming and kill a dangerous Chimera known as Hockey Mask. This creature likely was created when the local childling Changelings stayed up late and saw a Friday the 13th movie.

The mission was a success. Hockey Mask died. Leng’s character Diego was introduced to the group.

New Temple of Ptah

Stone, a Void Engineer exploring the mysterious Prometheus Tech for his Technocracy superiors, is invited to meet the New Temple of Ptah a small cabal of vampires, who it turns out worship the Gods of Egypt an hunt monsters.

Agent Morgan, of the NSA and the Diggers (a secret society of scholars and monster hunters) also attends this meeting.

This is where two of the three, so far, PCs meet up.


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